The Crazy World of Online Slots and Bonuses

Illustrating Everything About the Spinning Reels

Online slots are really the next level of the evolutionary ladder of the old standing slot machines. Having first been constructed in the late nineteenth century, the slot has been through an active and interesting history. It has seen everything from three reeled poker machines, to players winning bubble-gum and candy during the prohibition era, arriving in the digital age with the introduction of the first second screen bonus; to the online slot, and now there are slots you can play on your phone.

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Paylines vs. Wagers

The basic set up of a slot wager is coin value versus paylines. Players win with combinations of like symbols which rest in specific places on the reels. These places where the icons lie are called paylines. Modern slots have many paylines. The player must choose how much they wish their coin to be worth (anything from 1p upwards to £5 is about average), and each payline requires a coin staked on it. So if you have a 25 payline slot, with a coin value of 10p, you have a total wager of £2.50. It’s not hard to grasp.

The special side of things

Many slots nowadays contain special features. These are what are known as video slots. Special features often include wild icons. These wild symbols act like jokers in a poker deck. When they are encountered, they can substitute themselves for any other icon needed by the player, to complete a combination (the aforementioned payline).

Scatter symbols can also be present. These almost always offer a multiplier of the player’s wager, as a cash win. But on many occasions, scatter symbols will also offer the player free spins (exactly as it sounds), or a bonus round, which is played on a separate screen. In the bonus round, it is likely that the player will have to choose from a series of icons to win additional money.

real online slotsIdentifying your type of slot

Since their original incarnation, slots now come in many shapes and form. There are 3D slot that use 3D imagery and animations. Avalanche slots don’t use reels as such, but instead drop icons down into a column. Fruit machines and 3 reeled slots offer basic slot gameplay, often with just a single payline, and with few to no special features, as in the olden days. Reading these reviews of UK casinos can help figure out which ones have the kind of game you are looking to play.

There are several that can accommodate US players as well with limited withdraw options. Search for them on yahoo here, but if you live anywhere else it is highly advisable to search our listing first. Most, if not all, USA sites are rogue and likely rigged to leave you wondering poorer.

Video slots come with special features and multiple paylines, and then there are progressive jackpot slots. The latter results in massive wins for the player, as there have no fixed jackpot. You can start by searching for them by type of software or in other words, by the sort of games they offer.

Cool bonuses to boost your balance

If you want to win big, you’ll probably need to wager larger sums of money. Luckily, the online casino world is filled with bonuses to use on online slots. Bonuses include a the most popular type, the welcome bonus, where a casino gives you additional money for making a deposit; reload bonuses (which are essentially the same thing), free spin bonuses that allow you to play for free for a limited number of spins; and finally, there are no deposit required bonuses, which allow you play games with the casinos money, to win real money, at no risk to yourself, for a limited time.

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