The Gambler’s Guide to Betting on The Royal Godparents

Royal watching is more than a pastime for Brits, it is a sport. Since Prince William graduated from university, gamblers have been betting on who his bride would be, when the marriage would take place, and details of his marriage.

Since the May birth of his daughter, Princess Charlotte, royal watchers have been wagering on her prospective godparents. Betting on royal godparents has a strategy all unto its own. Royal tradition and insider tips about the who’s who of the inner circle could give a royal watcher an advantage in gambling on the godparents.

Royal Tradition
Prince George, the firstborn son and future king of the United Kingdom, has seven godparents. However, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have not followed royal tradition in the past. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge snubbed their own siblings and choose to name friends, a cousin, and a long-time advisor as Prince George’s godparents.

As the future king, Prince George will surely depend on his godparents as a source of spiritual and emotional support throughout his life. Wisely, the Cambridge’s choose aristocrats, an Olympian, former soldier as George’s godparents.

The Royal Spare
As the second born child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte is the royal spare. Her future role in the monarchy is less defined than her elder brother’s. Princess Charlotte will rely on the support of her godparents to guide her in carving a niche for herself as she matures into adulthood. Who will notoriously protective William and Catherine choose to fill the shoes of royal godparent for their youngest child and only daughter?

Favorite Candidates
According to Britain’s, The Telegraph, royal watchers consider these family members and friends to be the favorites to become Princess Charlotte’s godparents:

  • Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie: The only blood princesses before the birth of Princess Charlotte, granddaughters of the Queen and cousins to Prince William, rumors have circulated across England that Beatrice and Eugenie will be named godmothers to the little princess.
  • Peter Phillips: Her Majesty’s first grandchild, Peter Phillips is William’s cousin. His mother, Princess Anne, is the Queen’s only daughter and an Olympian. Peter’s younger sister Zara Tindall, also an Olympian, is a godmother to Prince George. Phillips owns a sports marketing firm, and is a father to two young daughters.
  • Tiggy Pettifer: A former nanny to Prince William, Tiggy Pettifer, nee Legge-Bourke, is the woman who cared for William and Harry during their parents acrimonious divorce and the subsequent death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Tiggy had a significant influence on William’s childhood, and is tipped to be acknowledged for her support as a godparent to his daughter.
  • Pippa Middleton: A fixture on the royal scene since her sister began dating Prince William, Pippa Middleton is Princess Charlotte’s aunt. The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has been struggling to carve a niche for herself since her sister Kate wed Prince William. It’s a good bet that the royal couple will look to their siblings for Charlotte’s godparents.
  • Prince Harry: Having been the spare himself, it’s no gamble to bet on Prince William’s younger brother Harry as a godparent. Harry will have a unique perspective on the challenges of being the younger sibling to the future king.

Good friends, good bets:

  • Thomas van Straubenzee: royal friend since youth
  • Mike Tindall: Husband to Prince William’s cousin Zara Phillips
  • Earl Spencer: Brother to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in her eulogy, Earl Spencer vowed to support his nephews throughout his life. As Princess Charlotte’s middle name is Diana, an homage to her late grandmother, a Spencer is sound bet for godparent.
  • Guy Pelly: Long time member of the royal inner-circle, Guy Pelly is a restaurateur who recently wed an American hotel heiress.

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