A gambling problem is a very serious matter and a very powerful addiction. Online casinos make wagering easy and accessible anywhere so they can be even worse than land-based casinos for people struggling with addiction. All of the UK casino sites we link to employ both a cool down option to restrict play for a short period of time at the players request, as well as self imposed permanent bans. If you think you have a problem, or know someone who does, here are some valuable local and international resources where you may seek help. For immediate help use the free hotline number below anywhere in Great Britain for use one the the alternate contact methods internationally.


Web: www.gamcare.org.uk
National Gambling Helpline: (+44) 0845 6000133
Phone: (+44) 020 7378 5200 Fax: (+44) 020 7378 5237


Web: www.gamanon.org.uk
Phone: 08700 50 88 80

Gambling Therapy
Phone: (+44) 01384 241292

Gamblers AnonGA Gamblers Anonymous
Web: www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk
Phone: 0207 384 3040

Gamble Aware
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7287 1994