Primary Differences Between Top Online Casino Brands

top online casino brandsMicrogaming, Playtech, Sheriff Gaming, IGT, Cryptologic; what do they all have in common? They all produce online casino games, of course. Yes, that one was a rather easy question. Let’s try something else. How are they all different? That one is more difficult to answer, especially if you have been playing at a single online casino your entire time! If you have tried several online casinos, then you’ll probably have noticed that there are differences to be had in the range of casino games that each software developer produces, most notably in their slot ranges. To save you the time of having to try them all out, we’ll take a brief look at the 5 leading developers in question, to see the primary differences between them, and to see what each of these top online casino brands brings to the table.

Microgaming and Playtech are the biggest two developers bar none. Most of the major Microgaming titles offer their unique 243 ways to win feature. This is simply 243 paylines, or sometimes more. This basically ensures that players can win with identical symbols on any reel, regardless of their position on the individual reels. Microgaming also likes to play with the wild icons, making stacked and expanding wilds a major part of their online slots package. The downside to the 243 ways to win feature, is that the player can’t wager on each individual payline.

Playtech on the other hand, goes for franchised slots, and that is their number one marketable contribution. Their franchised slots contribution is best visible in their Marvel super hero themed range. Playtech loves progressive jackpots, and the Marvel themed slots all have four progressive jackpots to be won, which are all randomly triggered.

Sheriff Gaming are most known for their 3D slots, and that is primarily what they bring to the table. Stunning graphics and animations is one thing though, and whilst they may be the leading brand in the business for this, they also offer other contributions. One such contribution is the use of gamble features and click-and-win prizes. Almost all Sheriff Gaming titles contain gamble features and click-and-win bonus games and a large portion of Sheriff Games are without wilds.

IGT is famed as being one of the oldest casino software developers, though that can hardly be seen as a contribution to the industry. Instead, their titles are known for their unchangeable minimum wagers. Often IGT will make players wager a minimum of at least 40p per spin. This might not exactly be a selling point, but the fact that IGT offers a multi-way gaming structure to some of their slots is. This structure allows players to win from left to right, as well as right to left. IGT aren’t known for superior and big money bonus rounds, however.

Lastly, we have Cryptologic. Cryptologic’s number one contribution to the gaming world, and their primary offering, is flexibility. Cryptologic sees what all the other developers have done, and tries to emulate them, but in their own fashion. For example, Cryptologic takes the best parts of a Microgaming, Playtech, Sheriff Gaming or other developer’s slot and attempts to incorporate and improve it in their own titles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It certainly doesn’t make them copycats, but more of an innovative brand, that seeks to improve the slots genre as a whole. Cryptologic is not however, a lover of progressive jackpot slots.

If you play a couple of lots from each of the developers, you will no doubt find many more differences between them. However, we have covered the primary ones here. With this information, you should now know what brand contributes what to the amazing world of online gaming.

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